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Reachel Little
3 min readJan 23, 2021

Around the ending of 2020, an influencer made a post on Instagram where she shared her goals for this year. It clicked to me that maybe I should try this because over the years I only said or thought of what I want to achieve and so far I have not achieved much. So I sat down and wrote down everything I need to achieve for this year because I am getting older with not much to my name and brand. I then decided to share it to Instagram which should help me remain focus.

About a week later I saw a video from Rebecca Sarah where she shared how to create a vision board and set goals properly. Immediately my I felt pumped and I looked to Pinterest for some diverse ways of creating one. Now I currently have a mock-up of what my vision board should look like and I view it daily to remind myself of the things I want to achieve.

Credit: Pinterest | Steve at good habits…

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a visual representation of the goals you want or need to achieve in a specific time frame, typically on a long term basis. To enforce each goal one would include images to be specific to each goal.

Why you should have a vision board

Let us not get ahead of ourselves. Like myself I have been struggling with executing each step to attaining my goals. It might be due to not sticking to a schedule so you forgot the pattern you should have adapted, or a situation shows up out of nowhere so you no longer prioritize the important goals, or even there is no “visual representation” to enforce such goals.

I realized that I need to be reminded of the things that are importantly me. For some reason I can easily forget what’s important. It’s crazy how we get so easily distracted in a time you need to be financially and mentally free, right?

So a vision board will always be in that room, on that wall, 1. displaying every goal and you want to achieve and you’re guaranteed to view it as often as you will throughout a day. It will be your constant reminder, just like the reminders you set on your device. 2. The images that you choose to represent each goal will also help you to work towards them. A lot of people learn visually. 3. You will also be able to keep track of what you have accomplished and what is next and you can easily asterisk them along the way. This will allow you to feel good about yourself and bring you peace of mind. 4. It will also show you that you are capable of achieving the others and you will be motivated to do this yearly and watch your successes expand.

So this year, although January is just about finished, I have started working towards my goals with the help of my vision board, and I will highlight what I have achieved so far in future stories.

We are limited by our minds if we only dream; but we can achieve so much more by creating a visual representation of what’s in our minds so we can better see and understand what it takes to attain each goal and execute them.



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