The Three Pillars of Success

Reachel Little
2 min readSep 27, 2022

Someone once asked me, is there a secret to gaining wealth and if yes, what is this secret? Before that moment, I had never even thought about what acquiring wealth requires. Was there a secret? Why is it only attainable by some who seek it? Is there a difference between being rich and being wealthy? This question really had me thinking. People seek wealth blindly without giving much thought to what it means to be wealthy. What does one need to do? Is there a specific job description? So much more questions. I was stuck.

I thought about my own situation and what I needed to do in my life to gain this ‘wealth’ and then I realized, there were 3 key components that are the pillars of wealth and success.


Understanding that there is a time for everything is way more important than we think. It is so easy to waste time, even the most disciplined still struggle with time management. Patience on the journey to wealth is knowing when to save, when to invest and when to spend and reward yourself. I started spending money as soon as I started earning and always complained when I was broke. Broke simply because I chose not to be patient. Postpone present consumption for future rewards.


It is said that wisdom is knowledge applied. A man is knowledgeable when he is educated but wise when he improves his quality of life using his education. Accept that you do not need to be the smartest person in the world. Understand that everyone including you has the ability to learn. Having wisdom means first having some level of education. This does not mean you need a degree, nor does it mean you should not try to study for one. Today, learning can take place almost anywhere and with the internet at your fingertips, one can learn just about anything simply with a Google or YouTube search. Learn to apply.


Take action. After having the knowledge and being able to apply it, you need to start. Begin to plan how you will proceed. Determine the way forward and get moving. Don’t start without a plan. Write it down and tick off the small objectives as you accomplish them. No action guarantees failure.



Reachel Little

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