Relationships are a Real Pain

Here’s what you can do to make them easy

Reachel Little
3 min readJun 16, 2020

Okay, so here’s the gist; when you think of relationships they are seen as long-term. With that being said, relationships generate a long list of do’s and don’t’s that help it to prolong.

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A “relationship” is always up in your space, whether you like it or not. A relationship is not limited to spousal, but also to your child/children, extended family, friends, boss/employees, coworkers, neighbors (you unknowingly have a relationship with them because you live in the same neighborhood and is forced to communicate, given the necessary situation/s), and the list goes on.

I am very passionate about the relationships I have with people. I must admit, I am an introvert; this must be the reason I cherish the people dearest to me. If you should ever meet anyone from my circle of friends and you ask if we’d ever had any serious altercations, they would say no, there’s none.

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People’s stand point is you cannot have a true friend and not get into a raging argument with each other before. While I can think about it and understand the logic coming from that belief, I still beg to differ. One does not necessarily have to make any issue into a mountainous situation and end up being malicious towards the said person they’re in a “relationship” with. I strongly believe, and this is something I have prayed about whenever I’d make new friends is that, no matter what, if a situation goes down, for example an argument, never feed into the negative energy that is caused upon myself to react, nor the negative energy of the other party/s. Just ignore it, it will bring you peace, literally!

Obviously we are humans and we can get so caught up with self and let our emotions cloud our judgment, that we feel it’s only right to do this or say that, but when things are all said and done, we honestly cannot feel great about ourselves. We have too big of an ego to even apologize when we are wrong.

Are you familiar with the saying, hurt people hurt people? There you go. We hurt people and they go about reciprocating that hurt to so many other people. So it’s everywhere; we are the carriers of this virus and we need to get it assessed. We hurt people as a mean of revenge, or as a test to see if it’s therapeutic, but we end up feeling heartbroken more than ever.

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To end on a positive note, we are a loving set of beings God placed on earth. We should show love to everyone whether we know each other or not. To make it effective, let us be mindful of the types of relationship we have, the things we say and do. That’s a renown relationship status that not even social media can compare to.



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