What’s your take on copywriting? Did you know you basically do this everyday if you’re a marketer for a brand or company? And you can earn from being a copywriter too! Oh you thought I meant to say copyright? Well no, I’m speaking of “copywriting”.

Now don’t be confused. Copywriting is the art of crafting your words carefully to get the attention of your readers in an effort to make them take on an action whether it be to subscribe to your newsletter, make a purchase, click a link, or even to sign up. Copyright is the rights given to someone who invented an original app, song, or written a book.

With the two being distinguished, let’s go back on topic. Copywriting is a very important skill to have as it will allow you to grab the attention of your readers and as stated before, get the to take an action.

With just about every business having an online presence now, not many have the right approach to winning over new customers. Communication is the prime factor here. Are you using the right platforms to reach new customers? Are you overselling it too much in just your words? Is it all about your product and not how the customer will be benefited? Are your readers able to understand and not get bored easily? Does your message explicitly spells ‘CLICK BAIT’?

All things considered you must ensure that through written communication your readers do not get weary, confused, think this is another spam message, or not seeing how this will benefit them.

So how do you craft a really good copywriting material? In the next blog post I will share with you the basics of copywriting on a beginner’s level.

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